Interplay Journal, Friday morning, March 29, 2014

We did a long warm up to the music of Stephane Grappelli as Joy led the group. She had us do a number of walk-stop-runs with our group of 18 women and 2 men. We walked fast, then slowly. We walked in curvy lines, then zig-zag lines. We stopped and watched others move.

Joy had what she called a Muse Cube which she threw down during one of the walk-stop-runs. The “sound” words on the die were: howl, yell, sigh and whoop. Another one had words for movement such as “bounce.” We could incorporate the sounds or movements.

We “babbled” taking turns with our partners on several words: reflect, pause, wander, spontaneity.

Joy talked about “body grooves,” and how we get into patterns that can be fun to challenge. She taught us a song (with motions):

Tall trees              (Extend your hands to the sky.)

Warm fire            (Put your arms around your upper torso.)

Strong winds        (Move your arms back and forth.)

Deep water            (Move your hands close to the ground.)

I feel in it in my body.

I feel it in my soul.


At the end of the morning, we stood holding hands in a circle and threw in words like “love, rest, strength, joy, pleasure.” What larks!      “InterPlay is a global social movement dedicated to ease, connection, human sustainability and play. Unlock the wisdom of your body!”

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