A Long Perspective

IMG_0840What is it?  This blog is a synergistic blending of my poems and images and, sometimes, other’s work.

Why is it?  The blog exists to share with others the sparks of inspiration that come through me.   In my poems and images, I explore the natural and spiritual worlds as well as the neighborhood of relationships and everydayness.  Which avenues of exploration reveal the essence of life?  As Walt Whitman wrote, “As to me, I know of nothing else but miracles.…”

Who am I?  I have worked as an English teacher, college librarian, library director and professional photographer.  My poems appear in the book, Writing Across Cultures: A Handbook on Writing Poetry and Lyrical Prose, and magazines such as Pontoon, Arnazella, PoetsWest Literary Journal, and the RedWing Anthology.  My travels have taken me around the United States and to Africa, Cuba, England, Wales, Ireland, Europe and the Middle East.   I am happy at home tending my own garden, and I am often up for an adventure!

2 Responses to A Long Perspective

  1. Deanna Bell says:

    Lovely site! Have put it on my favorites list.

  2. Joy Fry says:

    So glad to visit here again and savor word and image! Thank you!

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