Francine in Paris – Day 10

Buskers on the Metro underground come in all kinds.  Some stand in the subterranean tunnels and serenade you as you pass hoping for your spare change.  Some play violins or clarinets with accompaniment from a sound system and iPhone.  My favorite was an ensemble of seven men playing accordions and guitarist and singing boisterous folk songs enthusiastically.  You could hear them from far off – enough time to dig out some coins for their basket.

Buskers also come into the cars.  Sometimes elderly men come on and play their accordions.  One young man brought his electric violin and sound system.  He played two tunes then walked up and down the car holding out his cup for coins.  As the train pulled into the stop at La Motte, he’s ready to get out and run to the next car up and do it all again.  His violin was so new it still had the bar code on the back.  Hmmm, it there real money in this?  Other folks just get on and start haranguing everyone about politics or else they tell their story to one person at a time.  All in all, I find I carry my coins in an accessible pocket to make it easier to donate.

Today, I visited Musee Marmottann.  Right now, there’s an exhibition called Art and the Child which has paintings depicting children from the 16th (?) century to the 19th century.  The Marmottan grew and changed focus as families donated their works of art e.g. a son of Monet donated his collection of his father’s paintings including “Impression, Sunrise,” which led to the naming of the artists as Impressionists.  BTW, when I asked the location of that particular painting, the guard said it was in Japan.  Right.  Also here is an entire room of paintingsParis Three 2010 005 by Berthe Morisot who painted primarily women and children in pastel hues.  Lovely.


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“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand ... " Pablo Picasso
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