InterPlay Journal, Friday morning May 30, 2014

Krista was the InterPlay Leader for the morning. She had just returned from Paris and Provence so we did “walk, stop, runs” to French music and listened to Krista faking a French accent much to our pleasure.

Krista had us “babble” with partners on the following words: lazy, “big cheese,” procrastination, and delight. Then, we each made up a story about ourselves using one of these words. For example, I talked about the delight of being a kid in Seattle and going to First Avenue and rummaging through the thrift shops. I would find buckets of wonderful buttons to sort through. Some buttons were shaped like the rings of Saturn, some of brocade, some of crystal.

Then, Krista asked us to get in touch with the following inner states:

Your Inner fashion statement (a lot of sashaying down the run-way of life),

Your brooding (anquish and melancoly!),

Your procrastination (not much got done),

Your inner Louis IX, the Sun King (lots of strutting and grandiosity).

Krista had seen a French comedian do a routine in Paris on, “How to become a French man in an hour.”   For example, enthusiasm is shown differently in various cultures. The French man showing enthusiasm leans back, folds him arms and looks mildly askance. The American showing enthusiasm says, “OMG! that was WONDERFUL.” He says this over and over while moving his body around vigorously. (OK, it was over the top but fun!)

We did a “contact” dance with a partner to music.   Some partners stood back to back and “rolled” from side to side. Some did free form dances.   What larks!

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