InterPlay Journal, Friday morning, April 11, 2014

Body Wisdom: To change your life, change your practice!”

Patricia led today on the theme of “intersections.” What happens when we come to an intersection in our lives when we must choose one way or another? What do we do, and what do we not do? What needs to be let go in order to move forward?

In one form, she has us find a partner. We walked to music “together” as partners although just looking at each other peripherally. We took turns following and leading in movement, gesture and sound. When we “noticed” later, one said that she and her partner, “moved as one body.”

In the Babbling form with partners, we babbled for 30 seconds on the word, “choices,” as well as the phrase, “the path not taken.”    Finding new partners, we babbled on the question, “What do we want to do?” Then, we babbled on the question, “What do we need to do to make that happen?”

Patricia had us form three lines. Each person was to walk in a way that showed what needed to be done to get to the state desired. The second time, each person was to walk as if what they wanted had happened. Well, there was some strutting!

Toward the end, we formed a circle and spoke our concerns briefly into the circle.   Many woes emerged such as illnesses, injuries, natural disasters etc. To music, we did a “dance on behalf” of those concerns expressed.

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