InterPlay Journal, Friday morning, April 4, 2014

Steve (the man with the gray goatee) led InterPlay this morning.  “Spring” was definitely the theme today.  About 20 of us were milling around and chatting at the start, so he had us find a partner and begin to massage their upper shoulders. This felt terrific especially as part of it turned into a scalp massage done by my partner, Joy! Then we traded roles.

Babbling: We found new partners in order to “babble” for 30 seconds on a particular word, saying anything that came to mind. The words today were “flower,” “lawnmower,” “rake,” and “hummingbird.” We traded partners several time but only “noticed” with the final partner.  All this liberates the brain from its normal pathways. Refreshing.

Walk-Stop-Run: Steve divided us into two groups to do a walk-stop-run to music. The first group witnessed the other group and then switched. The group I was in did a lot of flying/flapping movements as we walked-stopped and ran. MaryAnn and I did a playful tango for a bit with some glorious silliness.  Joy skirted the group at one point, preferring to be one her own.  The role of the witnesses sitting on the sidelines is to notice how the movements watched felt in his or her body.

Toning: Steve started with holding a tone (note) for one breath. As he moved through this form, you could chose to make the same tone, a different tone or listen silently to the tone. Basically, we could vocalize as loudly or softly as we wanted, on whatever note we wanted. Very freeing to race up and down the scale just for fun!       “InterPlay is a global social movement dedicated to ease, connection, human sustainability and play. Unlock the wisdom of your body!”

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